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How to setup your Nexus 4 with Solavei (or order a sim card without a phone)

18 Nov

Many new Nexus 4 owners have eagerly tried signing up with Solavei; however, Solavei’s website says that their phone’s IMEI is not compatible and does not let them go further into the signup process.

After talking to several independent reps I was told the company hasn’t updated their log of IMEI #s to reflect the new Nexus 4 phones; however, the nexus 4 WILL fully work on their tmobile network just like any other GSM phone, especially since the last generation Nexus is compatible. The IMEI check on their website is only so that they can ship you the correct size sim card (It is a micro-sim in the case of the Nexus 4). Here are the steps you should take:

1. To begin signup of your Nexus 4 use this link.
2. Enter your zip to confirm coverage
3. [Important] Use the following IMEI # to get past the first step: 353022055115650 . This IMEI ensures you get the micro-sim card instead of a full-size sim.
4. Solavei asks if you want to port a phone # or have them choose a phone # for you.
5. Solavei asks for the usual personal information. Use a shipping address where you can sign for the shipment.
6. Solavei mentions that it will be shipping you a “sim” but does not go into detail whether it is a micro-sim or not. Don’t worry. The IMEI # you used earlier ensures it is a micro-sim.
7. Finish the process and a micro-sim card will be shipped out to you within 2 business days.

From what I was told by several reps, Solavei customers get the same 3g/4G coverage as regular Tmobile customers, but 4g speeds begin to be throttled after 4 gigabytes of usage. 4 gigs is plenty for most users, especially when using a mix of wifi and data, and Solavei’s plan is almost $20 cheaper than the next comparable Tmobile plan with NO CONTRACT! Hard to beat.